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Introduction to Boost Phoenix

Published January 26, 2018 - 7 Comments

With this video, we’re starting a series about learning what’s in the Boost library.

Like I discussed in Getting Inspired by Good Code, it is beneficial to know what is in Boost, either to use it or just to expand your horizons about the C++ language. And Boost can expand them pretty far.

Knowing what is in Boost will give you a model to create your own abstractions in C++.

In this video we explore the Boost Phoenix library, that allows to take function objects to the next level.

The series won’t be a continuous one, as there will be videos about other topics too, but you’ll see videos on Boost popping up on the Fluent C++ channel. I’d love to hear your impressions to know if you’d like me to develop this series!

Also, starting from this one I have a new filming setup of better quality. I hope you’ll enjoy these videos.

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