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Published March 19, 2019 - 0 Comments

Hey all,

Here is a little personal announcement.

(be right back)

(10 min later)

Right, so I was saying, I had a little personal announcement to share with you.

(be back in a minute)

(2 min later)

Right! So, the little announcement is: a couple of days ago, I had a little girl!

Her name is Anna, and she and her mom are doing ok.

My wife and I have been thrown into the world of parenting, and this is looking like exciting and fun! If you’re a parent too, you must understand what this means, and remember the early days with your little one with a bit of nostalgia, perhaps?

And if you’re not a parent, know that it’s a fun that is totally different than programming (but perhaps just as fun too!). So I’m not giving up programming, I…

(hang on)

(a moment later)

Well, well, where were we? Yeah, so I’m intending to carry on with Fluent C++ just like before, no worries about that, and if I get interrupted while writing a post, you won’t notice a thing. Except in this special post where we indulge in joy and baby-related interruptions.

Welcome to the real world, my dear, dear Anna.

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