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105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour

Published July 10, 2018 - 0 Comments

Everyone knows that it’s a good thing to know the STL algorithms. But do know each and every one of them?

To learn all there is in the STL algorithms library, I’ve presented a talk at several conferences this year, that was titled 105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour. The point of this talk is to present the 105 algorithms that C++ has, as of C++17, so that we learn them once and for all.

In the hope of making this presentation somewhat entertaining, I laid them out onto a world map: the World Map of STL Algorithms. In the presentation we explore the map, with the different families of algorithms it contains. We see how algorithms relate together, how you can understand some algorithms in batches, and how some STL algorithms with mysterious names do in fact pretty simple things.

We go over 7 families of STL algorithms: algorithms on permutations, algorithms that query info on the collection, algorithms on sets, algorithms that move values around, algorithms that modify elements, algorithms that change the collection’s structure, and algorithms on raw memory.

I’d like to share this talk with you!

So if you have less than an hour before you (or even less than that if you play in speed x1.5), here is the version of the talk that I presented at ACCU:

And here is the version that I gave at C++ Russia:

By the way, those two conferences were amazing, check out my trip report if you want to know more about why you should go 🙂

Also, if you find the map useful and would like to get it, you can download it for free, or order the poster.

Hope you’ll like the talk, all feedback is welcome of course.

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