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Here are the posts published or planned so far on Fluent C++.

The posts marked with a Dailies C++ are those I believe are the most adapted for a Daily C++ session.

I will add more, but if there is something in particular you’d like to read about, let me know!

About Attitude

The primary focus of the blog is on code so this section is slimmer than the rest, but it’s always useful to consider how to approach code from time to times.

About General Expressive Code in C++

About Strong Types in C++

About Default Parameters

  • Default parameters in C++: the facts (including the secret ones)Dailies C++
  • Should I overload or use default parameters ?Dailies C++
  • Defaulted: a helper to work around default parameters constraints
  • How default parameters can make your code both expressive and testable
  • Default Parameters With Default Template Type ParametersDailies C++

About Smart pointers

About Performance

Although expressiveness is crucial for the survival of code, we don’t want it to get in the way of the performance of our applications.

About the STL

For more about how to master the STL, check out the STL learning resource.

The STL-like components I have developed:

Understanding how to use the STL:

STL algorithms:

About Refactoring

About Templates

Challenges for the most expressive code

Meta posts

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